A little bit about Helga Skinner

   “I see things differently. Always have looked at edges and openings, everything up close or things lined up. I began in the eighth grade making tile tabletop mosaics.Then, I went to designing sweaters and creating different twists and textures with yarn. Now I use a camera and photograph my own subject matter, knitting my abstracts with a variety of yarns, using nature such as my wood pile out back, then printing it onto fabric and quilting it for my picture. The future for me is the macro lens and possibly a microscope camera!!. I have learned from so many classes I have taken to make the most beautiful images with the camera itself, using the different lenses and natural palettes for the background. I love moving the camera ever so slightly to create movement and imply motion. The leaves actually look as if they are lifting off of the ground.

I take pictures of everything! I see it all so differently, most of what I take is a moving subject either it flies away or the wind blows it.
Personally, I love to give programs and bring my trunk full of interesting things for all to see.  Contact me to schedule a presentation for your group or club!