Homestead Photography by Helga Skinner


Homestead Photography

I love to go to old homesteads and just walk around and get the feel of the place. I can bring it to life with photographs of the home and unsuspecting details surrounding the home. For example, I found shoes left under a lawn chair like the gentleman had just stepped out of them.  Children’s rocking chairs, small parts of toys, all things that would help keep the memories alive for all who lived there. I can take photos of homes you are trying to sell so their memories will forever stay with your families.

I see many old houses just left and no one cares for them, the story is there and I like to capture it for the family so they can pass it along to future generations. I will make a slide show of it to music and it will be put on a flash drive as well as a DVD that can be duplicated. I do have old houses and references for you. 

The price range varies depending on the distance I have to drive.  The price will start  $175 for a fifty-mile radius.


Please call me for more information if you are interested in capturing the feeling and memories of your homestead.  You can contact me directly, or use the form at the bottom of the page.

(931) 261-9393

If you would like to learn more about Helga’s homestead photography contact Helga Skinner by phone, email, or by using this form.

(931) 261-9393