Monarch and Milkweed cycle


First Flight Attempt

Monarch and Milkweed Life cycle $30

Box of six assorted cards and seeds


My Monarch and Milkweeds represent the complete cycle  from the plant seed to the pod, entwined with the egg laying and hatching process. After molting four times the juvenile hormone cuts off  and the caterpillar knows to find a safe place to hang. The chrysalis

is damp when its comes out and the proteins harden the shell. Nine days later it gets dark and they emerge, force fluid thru their wings and hang to dry. then they practice and take off to finish the cycle, laying their eggs as they fly north and then they die.

The box contains an assortment of 6 cards and I include the seed and instructions. Makes a very nice gift, you can always include a Xmas ornament with it.



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